Academic CV

This app allows you to generate an Academic CV PDF as required for your application to the UAR Master's program in Econometrics. Please read the questions thoroughly and provide detailed answers.

Please use the template below to help us identifying your skills and motivation for the Master’s program Econometrics of the UA Ruhr Universities (TU Dortmund University, Ruhr University Bochum, and University of Duisburg-Essen).

Your answers will not affect whether or not we accept your application, but will help us to review your transcript to see if any additional requirements will be imposed if you are admitted. Furthermore, we also want to get to know our future students better, since we will spend a lot of time together.

Please note:

Please fill in the CV in English and use only Latin characters - otherwise there may be issues when converting to PDF.

The app becomes unresponsive after 1 hour. If you need more time to ponder individual answers, we recommend that you type answers down and paste into the app at a later time.

After clicking the button below, you will receive a confirmation and a download of the PDF version will start. This may take a brief moment.

Please attach the printed PDF with your application!